Today’s Good News: Woman Cooks Enough To Feed 1,000 Each Week

Good News


A 60-year-old woman in Miami has been cooking enough to feed 1,000 people a week since the pandemic started.  Her church pays for the ingredients, and she’s been borrowing a truck to haul it all.  So a charity recently stepped in and got her a new car.


Bill Rogers went for a skate on the Salmon Falls River in New Hampshire, but he fell through the ice. He couldn’t climb out and was afraid to reach for his phone in his pocket and he knew he didn’t have much time. Then he remembered his Apple watch, which called emergency services for him and rescuers were there in minutes to save him. Source: Boston 25 News

canned food

A family in Northern Virginia put a food collection box outside their home at the beginning of the pandemic and has now collected about 30-thousand pounds of food. Amber and Sterling Marchand and their four kids have since started a program that puts pop-up, free food pantries in local neighborhoods. They’ve also started a nonprofit, Be The Good Project, to help them do more in their community. Source: Good Morning America

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