Today’s Good News: Dog Stops Traffic To Save Woman’s Life

Good News


A woman in Canada was walking her dog last week when she had a seizure.  And the dog intentionally blocked traffic until someone stopped to help. A security camera got the dog’s heroics on video.  Luckily the woman’s okay.


Last year, Eric Hyde Miller started making signs that read “Be Kind” and now he and his fiancée, Tina Thomas, have put hundreds of them out in their Maryland town. The couple’s Infinite Love Project started small, but after the health crisis hit, it’s blown up. Now they’ve installed more than 12-hundred signs around Westminster to spread their message of kindness. Source: Little Things

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Scott Kolbrenner won big on “Wheel of Fortune” last week and he’s donating his winnings to two charities. The Encino, California, man racked up about $45-thousand in cash and prizes, then went on to win the bonus puzzle, adding another $100-thousand Grand Prize to his jackpot. He has pledged to give $72,500 each to Uplift Family Services and the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. Source: TV Line

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