Today’s Good News: Adopted Woman Finds Parents 50 Years Later

Good News
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Laura Mabry was adopted as a baby in 1968 and more than 50 years later, she took a DNA test to track down her biological parents. She got in contact with her birth mom, then her birth dad and helped to reconnect the former high school sweethearts. Her biological parents have now rekindled their romance and gotten married and Laura says meeting them has helped to complete her “whole identity.” Source: ABC News


Tanya, a server at Slyman’s Tavern in Independence, Ohio, bonded with two older women customers who revealed they both lost their husbands. The server could relate because her husband passed away last April. The ladies told her things would get better and left her a $2,021 tip to prove it. Source: Fox News

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Game developer Zynga is teaming up with Girls Who Code to help the nonprofit expand its program. Zynga is donating $100-thousand, which will allow Girls Who Code to run more free coding clubs for young women. Girls Who Code is an international nonprofit that specializes in teaching kids about computer science and connecting them with peers and mentors in tech. Source:

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