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Community Fixes Senior Woman’s House For Free

An electrician in Massachusetts named John Kinney recently showed up at a 72-year-old woman’s house to fix a light.  But that was the least of her worries.  Her whole home was in disrepair, and she didn’t even have running water.  So he just started fixing stuff for free, and then other people offered to help. Medical workers […]


WW2 Vet Receives Over 10,000 Birthday Cards

We told you about Lawrence Brooks last week.  He’s America’s oldest living World War Two vet, and he turned 111 on Saturday.  The National World War Two Museum asked people to send cards, and now we have an update:  They were hoping for at least 500 birthday cards . . . and he ended up with around 10,000. […]


Steak Donated To Feed Hurricane Victims

A New Jersey man who was laid-off this summer because of the COVID-19 crisis is using his time to help the community. Brian Schwartz, a former VP of digital advertising, is now mowing lawns for senior citizens and veterans for free. He launched a website, I want to mow your, and says “I just want to do good.” Omaha […]


Boy Raises Over $315K For K9 Bulletproof Vests

When Brady Snakovsky found out that police dogs don’t automatically get bulletproof vests, he was worried about them not being as protected as their handlers. So the then eight-year-old kid from Ohio decided to do something to change that. He started Brady’s K9 Fund, a nonprofit to provide bulletproof vests for police and military dogs. In the last […]


New Section Of CA Hwy 162 Is Made From Recycled Plastic

The first state road in the U.S. made from recycled plastic is now in California. A one-mile stretch of a three-lane highway was made using over 150-thousand single-use plastic bottles. The eco-friendly road is more durable and it generates 90% less greenhouse emissions than the process currently used by the California Department of Transportation.


Swimmer Raises $10,000 For Charity

 A long-distance swimmer named Marian Cardwell was planning to raise money for charity by swimming across Lake Michigan.  But the pandemic forced her to stay closer to home.  So she improvised this weekend and swam back and forth along the coast near Chicago for 24 HOURS STRAIGHT.  And she raised over $10,000.  She’s going to follow through with her […]


Community Comes To The Rescue Of Kids Doing Homework On Sidewalk

Two students sit outside a Taco Bell to use Wi-Fi so they can ‘go to school’ online. This is California, home to Silicon Valley…but where the digital divide is as deep as ever. Where 40% of all Latinos don’t have internet access. This generation deserves better. — Kevin de Leόn (@kdeleon) August 28, 2020 […]


Man Buys Out Flower Truck For Nursing Home Residents

  A flower truck owner says a man bought all the flowers she had to cheer up residents at a senior living facility. Joline Willsey says Rene Blais bought the blooms so the elderly residents could build their own bouquets for their rooms. His act of kindness was more than generous, it brought many people joy and happiness. See […]


Woman’s Be Kind Movement Travels The Globe

A few years ago, a woman in Virginia started making hand-painted signs that say “Be Kind” and giving them out for free.  And with the help of volunteers, she’s made 2,000 of them since March. The full story is very sweet. You can read it here.


Man Builds Toddler He Doesn’t Know, A Racetrack

This is the sweetest video! A man in Utah was getting annoyed that the motion sensor on his garage kept going off.  It turned out a little kid was riding his bike up into his driveway and the man was about to have a “get off my lawn” moment.  But instead of telling him to […]


11 Year Old Saves Drowning Toddler

A tree trimmer found a wallet on the ground at a gas station and it had $700 inside. Dominique Coward spent hours driving to each address on the cards in the wallet and finally ended up at the home of Bobby Dehart’s parents. He left it with them and then Bobby tracked down his good Samaritan on social media to […]


Woman Gives Away 100 Loaves Of Homemade Bread

A woman in Texas got addicted to baking bread during the lockdown, and she hasn’t stopped.  She looks for people on Facebook who’ve been having a bad day, and gives them some.  She’s now given away over 100 loaves since the pandemic started. A kid in Brazil has been going to the poorest neighborhoods in São Paulo, […]


Girl Scouts Are Making Masks

A bunch of people in Portland, Oregon were lined up to apply for COVID-relief money, when some guy pulled up and started handing out $100 bills.  One person said the guy handed out $10,000 total. A waitress at a Red Lobster in Lincoln, Nebraska got a nice, big $100 tip, along with a note thanking her for wearing […]


Woman Has Climbed 39 Mountains For Charity

A Colorado woman has plans to reach the top of all 58 mountains in the state with peaks 14-thousand-feet or higher. Brittany Woodrum has already finished climbing the 39th and she’s doing it all for a good cause. With her climbs, she’s raised around $55-thousand for ShelterBox, a nonprofit that provides shelter and help to people in developing countries who […]


Ancient CA Redwoods Survive Fire

A huge wildfire burned through the Big Basin Redwoods State Park in California and it was feared the iconic trees may have been destroyed. Some of the old-growth redwoods are 2-thousand years old and are some of the tallest living things on Earth. But a reporter and photographer hiked the park’s Redwood Trail and found most […]


Man Reunited With Cat While At Shelter Looking For A New One

An Army veteran who lost both legs and part of his arm while serving has been given a fully wheelchair accessible house from the Gary Sinise Foundation. Greg Galeazzi and his family are incredibly grateful for the home in Massachusetts. Now he’s a third year medical student at Harvard and will be able to get around his house with […]


Gamers Raise Millions For Doctors

A father and daughter in Chicago started a charity in 2009 called Books 4 Cause that takes used books and gives them out for free.  After the pandemic hit, they started taking vacant stores and turning them into bookstores, where anyone can go get a book without paying a dime. Fall sports aren’t happening in schools much […]


Help For Moms

Being a mom isn’t easy, and being a working mom can be even harder. There’s no doubt there are times moms wish they had more hours in the day to get everything they need to get done, and a new app may actually do that for them. The new app MamaThis just launched in selected […]


Restaurant Owners Feeds Community For Free

After a recent storm left millions without power in the Midwest, a restaurant owner in Iowa is helping to feed the community. Willie Fairley has been giving away hundreds of meals from Willie Ray’s Q Shack. He’s been cooking up ribs, chicken, burgers and hot dogs for the hungry – all for free. The summer heat got to […]


Airbnb Offers Fire Evacuees A Place To Stay

A 14-year-old kid in Tennessee has been raising money by bottling and selling his own vanilla extract.  He says he loves the stuff, so he’s just following his passion.  He came up with the name Vanilla Feeds Tomorrow.  Every bottle he sells raises enough to buy 42 meals for people who need them.  He’s bought over 27,000 […]


Waitress Receives Needed Car As Tip

A single mom in New Jersey named Lisa Mollet works as a waitress.  So she didn’t have a job from March to June.  Then just when it came back, her car broke down.  So it’s been tough.  But now she’s all set after two regulars found out about it . . . had an extra […]


Six Year Old Feeds The Homeless

    An elementary school in Florida installed clear plastic barriers around the desks, and teachers knew it might freak kids out.  So they used construction paper to make the front of each desk look like a Jeep.  They even have license plates with their names. A new study found we’re more worried about others during the pandemic […]


Couple Served Their Wedding Food To People In Need

An Ohio couple turned their canceled wedding reception into an act of kindness for their community by donating the food to a local women’s shelter. Tyler and Melanie Tapajna brought the food that would’ve been served at the large 150-person wedding they had planned to the shelter. The newlyweds then put on gloves and hairnets and served it all up, while […]


Strangers Save 6 Year Old’s Birthday

Employees at a library in Australia have been keeping busy by calling all 8,000 members who are 70 and older, just to check in and see if they need anything.  The response has been great.  A lot of them are just happy to have someone to talk to. Russell Ledet lives in Baton Rouge and grew up […]


Company Has Cleaned Almost 10 Million Pounds Of Ocean Trash

A man stopped a shark from attacking his wife while they were surfing in Australia. Mark Rapley and his wife Chantelle Doyle were at Shelly Beach in New South Wales when the great white grabbed her, throwing her off her surfboard. Police say he grabbed her surfboard and started punching the shark until it let her go. A Texas man who […]


Police Replaced Stolen Bike So Waitress Could Get To Work

There’s been a bike shortage because everyone’s buying them.  So when a waitress’s bike got stolen in south Florida, the cops got her a new one so she could still get to work. A woman in upstate New York was buying a grill, and it wouldn’t fit in her car.  So two random people with a truck offered to […]


15 Year Old Refurbishes Computers For Kids In Need

A 15-year-old computer wiz in Jacksonville, Florida has been using the pandemic to refurbish old computers and donate them to kids who don’t have one.  His name is Chris Kilpatrick, and he’s done about 20 so far.  They’re all going to kids involved in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. A guy near San Francisco left a waiter […]


Company Paying Employees to Rescue Pets

The Zebra, an insurance comparison site, is now offering staff members a fun new perk. They’re covering the cost of adopting a new pet, up to $300 a year. And they’re also giving those employees “pawternity” leave – paid time off to get to know their new pet. A Virginia man who wanted to keep busy […]


Program Helps Inmates Grow Food For Food Banks

Back when stores were out of everything, a nurse in Virginia named Stacy Mason realized the long hours made it even harder for healthcare workers to get stuff. So she organized a pantry in her ICU where anyone could take what they needed, and donate what they didn’t.  It was such a hit, they expanded it to […]


10 Year Old Sells Paintings For Charity

A couple near Pittsburgh has been bringing neighbors food and refusing to take any money.  One of the neighbors is a 71-year-old woman in a wheelchair.  And she was so thankful, she wrote a letter to her local newspaper about how great they are. Water treatment plants in Australia are using stale beer that goes bad and turning it […]


Child’s Book Drive Collects Hundreds Of Books For Non-Profit

A Florida teacher was concerned her third-graders wouldn’t be able to wash their hands frequently because she teaches in a portable classroom without a bathroom. So Annette Fernandez started a GoFundMe campaign to raise the money to put a hand-washing station in. She raised more than enough for her sink and is buying another one for another classroom, too. […]


Sisters In Their 100s Beat The Spanish Flu & Covid

A woman in Colorado didn’t know how to sew a few months ago, but now she does.  She restored her great-great-grandmother’s old Singer sewing machine from 1922.  And she’s been using it to make hundreds of masks. A woman in New Jersey who turns 108 next month just beat the virus more than a century after beating the […]


Kids Sell Lemonade To Help Medical Workers

A brother and sister in Texas opened a lemonade stand, and used the profits to buy snacks for doctors and nurses in their hometown.  They ended up with about $400, plus some donations from Venmo after their mom talked them up on Facebook. A five-year-old boy in El Paso has been putting together COVID-19 care packages […]


Volunteers Restore Dream Car For Teen Battling Tumor

An Idaho teen with an inoperable brain tumor is getting his dream car, thanks to a Boise body shop manager. Coleman Medcoff bought “Maria,” a 1964 Mercury Monterey before his diagnosis and planned to fix her up. Now Scott Reynolds, manager of Harold’s Auto Body, is taking over the work for the 15-year-old. The LEGO Foundation is coming out […]


Pizza Joint Steps Up To Feed Hungry Families

A single mom who works as a nurse in Georgia has been borrowing her son’s car to get to work, but knew she’d need another one when he went back to school.  Now she doesn’t have to worry about it after an auto body shop gave her a new car for free. A new cheap ventilator just got […]


Doc Delivers Mom’s Baby 25 Years After Delivering Her

The family of an Air Force pilot whose plane went down and was never recovered during the Vietnam War has been reunited with his medals. Fielding Featherstone III was awarded the Silver Star Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Purple Heart Medal, as well as several others, which were all recently found in a warehouse in Cleveland.The […]


8 Year Old’s Plant Business Booms After Mom Lost Job

A single mom in L.A. lost her job because of the pandemic and only had $12 to her name.  So she decided to invest it in her eight-year-old son’s idea to start a business selling plants.  It’s called “Aaron’s Garden,” and business is booming after he blew up on Instagram.  Someone also started a GoFundMe page that’s raised over $25,000. […]


Police Dog Finds Missing Mom And Baby, First Day On The Job

A bunch of veterans got together and donated groceries to more than 200 healthcare workers.  A woman who helped organize it said they just wanted to help, say thanks, and save them a trip to the store. A newly-inducted police dog in the U.K. located a missing mother and baby on his first official day on the […]


8 Year Old Mows Lawns For First Responders

Two sisters in Pensacola, Florida started a group called Sisters of Hope that’s been making face masks non-stop.  Their goal is to give one to every teacher and student in their community before school starts up again. Actor GARY SINISE’S charity has done a TON to help veterans and healthcare workers the last few months.  The Gary Sinise Foundation has now […]


Teen Zooms Rubik’s Cube Lessons While Feeding Hungry Kids

  A 14-year-old in Colorado went viral last week after he broke the speed record for solving a Rubik’s Cube while jumping on a pogo stick.  Now he’s offering free Zoom lessons to teach kids how to solve one in under three minutes.  You can sign up at  He’s also accepting donations for the charity No Kid […]

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