Dad Raises Money For Charity On A Tiny Pink Bike

Good News

Not everyone’s set up to work from home, or learn from home.  So woodworkers all over the country have been making desks, and giving them to kids who need them.


A seven-year-old kid in Pennsylvania was bored at home, so his neighbors gave him a pogo stick.  And he just CRUSHED a world record for most jumps in a row.  The previous record for kids his age was 376.  He did 2,309 in a row.

Pink kids bicycle

A father in the U.K. has riden 200 miles to raise money for charity and he did it all on a tiny, pink bicycle. Wesley Hamnett was planning a much-longer ride, cycling 1,250-miles from Russia to his home in Manchester, England, but travel restrictions forced a change in plans. With a shorter ride, he wanted to challenge himself, so he chose to ride his eight-year-old daughter’s bike.

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