8/22 1pm Nor Cal Fire updates


SCU Lightning Complex Fire, Contra Costa, Alameda, Santa Clara and Stanislaus Counties (more info…) Contra Costa, Alameda, Santa Clara and Stanislaus Counties * 291,968 acres, 10% contained *20 fires in the complex *Marsh 3,000 acres *Canyon/Reservoir (merged) 285,485 acres *Deer 3,294 acres *Arroyo 189 acres *Evacuations and road closures in place *5 structures destroyed *CA IMT-6 in command CZU August Lightning Fire, San Mateo and Santa Cruz Counties (more info…) San Mateo and Santa Cruz Counties *63,000 acres, 5% contained *Warnell Fire has now merged into CZU Lightning *Evacuations in place *97 structures destroyed *CAL FIRE IMT #3 is in command River Fire, Monterey County (more info…) East of Salinas *44,987 acres, 12% contained *16 structures destroyed Evacuations in place *CAL FIRE IMT Team 1 in command

Carmel Fire, Monterey County (more info…) South of Carmel *5,523 acres, 5% contained *32 structures destroyed *Evacuations in place *CAL FIRE IMT 1 Team in command Moc Fire, Tuolumne County (more…) Moccasin • 2,800 acres, brush, 0% contained • Continued structure threat • Evacuations in place Salt Fire, Calaveras County (more info…) Northeast of Copperopolis *1,789 acres, 85% contained Hills Fire, Fresno County (more info…) South of Coalinga *1,900 acres 80% contained Jones Fire, Nevada County (more info…) Northwest of Nevada City *705 acres, 35% contained *Evacuation in place *5 residential structures destroyed Volcano Fire, San Diego County (more info…) West of Temecula City *45 acres, 80% contained **Unified Command Fires** Lake Fire, Los Angeles County (more info…) Southwest of Lake Hughes * 30,763 acres, 52% contained *Continued structure threat *Unified Command USFS and Los Angeles County Fire *CA IMT Team 5 is in command **Federal Incidents** Dolan Fire, Monterey County (more info…) Ventana Wilderness – Los Padres National Forest * 14,000 acres, 0% contained Ranch 2 Fire, Los Angeles County (more info…) San Gabriel Canyon *4,237 acres, 49% contained *Road closures in place *Federal Type 2, in command Apple Fire, Riverside County (more info…) Cherry Valley *33,424 acres, 95% contained North Complex Fire, Plumas County (more info…) Southwest of Susanville – Plumas National Forest *27,701 acres, 5% contained *Evacuations in place * Includes the Claremont Fire *Road and trail closures in effect *CA IMT Team 1 is in command Loyalton, Vegetation Fire, Sierra County (more info…) East of Loyalton – Tahoe National Forest * 47,028 acres, 75% contained

Castle Fire, Tulare County (more…) East of Giant Sequoia National Monument *400 acres, brush and timber, 0% contained **Local Government** Holser, Vegetation Fire, Ventura County/Los Angeles County (more info…) South of Lake Piru *3,000 acres, 95% contained ###


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